March 3, 2023

5 Best Practices for Acing a Scheduled Job Interview Session

Applying for a job requires applicants to attend an interview to help potential employers gauge what they can do or contribute to the company. However, it can become stressful as many questions are asked and assessed until the verdict arrives.

But sometimes, it does not matter if applicants do exceptionally well or not during the interview. There are instances where companies consider their behaviour before and after the interview finishes. But how do applicants ace a scheduled job interview session? Here are some ideas.

1. Arrive Early

Arriving early is one of the best things an applicant can do during a job interview. It shows that they are eager to prove themselves and take the opportunity to ask questions. It also indicates that they are punctual and are willing to take the initiative.

However, arriving early means something other than coming to the venue on the dot. It means coming in at least 15 minutes earlier to prepare for any problems or inconveniences that may arise. By arriving early, applicants can avoid stressful situations and focus on the interview well.

2. Bring Extra Copies of Your CV

The interviewer may have asked for copies of your CV, but it's best to bring extra ones in case other people in the room want a copy. Getting a portfolio with additional information about the your experience, skills, and accomplishments is also a good idea.

The interviewer may ask the applicant to walk them through their resume. It is an excellent opportunity for the applicant to highlight the skills and experience most relevant to the position. The applicant should be prepared to discuss each item on their resume in detail.

3. Dress Accordingly

Most job interviews are conducted in business casual attire. It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. The applicant should ensure their clothes are clean, wrinkle-free, and appropriate for the job they are interviewing for.

The way an applicant dresses for an interview says a lot about them. Someone's attire speaks volumes of how much they want the role they applied for and how willing they are to look the part. Applicants should dress professionally and conservatively.

4. Observe Actions

An applicant's actions speak louder than their words. The applicant should ensure they are not fidgeting, chewing gum, or interrupting the interviewer. Although the situation can trigger anxiety, it is best to stay calm and focused while expecting the worst.

Employers are looking for applicants who are well-mannered and can listen. One way to show that an applicant is listening is to make eye contact. The applicant should also avoid looking at their phone, playing with their hair, or crossing their arms.

5. Listen

An applicant should only try to answer a question after it is fully asked. Not listening first and understanding the question can show that the applicant is not listening and interested in the job. Therefore, practising comprehending first is a sure way to ace a test.

Meanwhile, the applicant should be prepared to answer questions, but they should also be prepared to ask questions. The applicant should refrain from saying yes to some things. Instead, they should ask questions to learn more about the job and company.


Aside from the interview, job applicants should be aware of the importance of an aptitude test in hiring. An aptitude test can show a company that applicants have the right skills for the job. Practising before taking an aptitude test increases the chances of success as it can help the applicant learn the skills necessary to ace the test and the interview. Overall, combining the interview with the test should qualify applicants for the role they applied for.

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