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Need expertly trained retail staff?

Do you need hospitality staff on the shop floor that are expertly trained in your brand, products and are amazing brand ambassadors when in front of your customers?

As the retail landscape evolves, you need to work with a recruitment agency that understands your brand.

With Chimera, you will be provided with specialists that aren’t afraid to go out onto the shop-floor and leave an impression.
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Our staff deliver to exceptional standards.

  • Chimera Recruitment - luxury retail recruitment agency

    Strong Salespeople

    The team are sourced from a rigorous selection process; ensuring that only the best candidates are inducted. Consistency and performance are always maintained. Reliability, grooming and personality are cornerstones to the foundations of our service. Our specialists are well informed to meet the targets you demand of them.
  • Chimera Recruitment - luxury retail recruitment agency

    Reliability & Punctuality

    We understand that time is money and the more time spent on training your staff is time wasted on your part. We endeavour to bridge the gap between our team and yours so that when we arrive, we arrive fully prepared and ready to succeed.
  • Chimera Recruitment - luxury retail recruitment agency

    Immaculate Presentation

    Image is everything. The way your brand is perceived is important to you; that’s why we go into great detail to adhere to strict industry guidelines. We always ensure our team are dressed in exactly the correct way according to the brand they are representing.
How we help our clients

Temporary & Permanent staffing solutions

Here at Chimera Recruitment we work with the leading retail brands in the UK to find, recruit and train the very best retail staff.

We are experts in luxury retail jobs, including working with some of the world's most prestigious retailers and brands across fragrance, beauty, fashion, cosmetics and more.
Staffing agency for luxury retail brands
Staffing agency for luxury retail brands
  • Promotions & product launches
    Promotions are an exciting time for your brand; it’s a time to show your personality, dynamism and innovation, you need charismatic and engaging staff that reflect this. We also reward our Sales Specialists when they reach your daily target. This helps to create a lot of energy and much needed drive. We will always strive to give the best possible results for your business in reaching any targets set.
  • Counter cover & temporary relief
    As a customer, first impressions are everything. Your brand is in the spotlight, you are being scrutinised in the finest detail, it’s therefore important that there isn’t a noticeable discrepancy between your full time teams conduct and your agency staff. The customer should simply not know the difference. It is customary that our staff are knowledgeable in the products they are selling and will be familiar with your products when they arrive at your counter
  • Events & experiential campaigns
    Events & Experiential Campaigns require a unique blend of sales focus with retail theatre and hospitality; every event is different. You might have a brand experience event where no products are being sold directly but customers are being guided on a journey. You might have a sporting or entertainment event that requires bright-eyed and bubbly staff to attend to your patrons every need. Or you might even have a mysterious and secretive soirée that requires the utmost discretion and charisma. Whatever your requirements we will match you with staff that will make your event unforgettable.

Recruitment & Training

A good salesperson isn’t born, they are made.

When candidates apply they are inducted on to a training course exploring the techniques of salesmanship and the in-depth specifics of fragrance & cosmetics training.

During the process the candidates are subject to approval by us, the management. This ensures that we are getting an elite group of sales specialists and you, the client, are getting the finest sales people we have to offer.
  • Impeccable training
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Immaculate presentation
  • Absolute Reliability
Temp retail jobs for luxury brands

Changing the face of retail recruitment.